Splinter Sessions

April 5, 2019

S01OU/SDC: Organization meeting
S02OU/SDC: Common tools status
S03OU/SDC: IOT organization meeting
S04SDC: LE1_development coordination
S05OU/SDC: SC456 status meeting
S06OU-LE3: Second order statistics and beyond
S07OU-LE3: LE3 mask and covariance
S08OU-LE3: Clusters and high order statistics from WL mass maps
S09OU-EXT: External survey status
S10OU-EXT: Stage 2 photometric validation
S11OU-MER: Tiling for the Euclid surveys
S12OU-MER: Towards an all-encompassing Euclid catalog
S13OU-SHE: Weak lensing sample selection and calibration
S14OU/SDC: SC456 simulation: validation and feedback
S15OU-MER: Galaxy Structure and Morphological Measurements on Euclid data
S16OU-NIR: OU-NIR planning for SC7
S17SWG WL: WL full pipeline flow
S18IST Like: IST:L
S19SWG Theory: Theory working group splinter
S20SGS Archive: Euclid archive users group meeting
S21SWG Clusters: Clusters of galaxies SWG
S23SWG SolSys: progress meeting
S24SWG G+AGN: Galaxy & AGN SWG meeting
S25SWG PUWG: Data Challenge for the Primeval Universe Working Group
S26SWG SL: Strong Lensing organisation - activities
S27SWG CMBXC: Splinter meeting
S28SWG GC: Photo-z WP + Additional Galaxy clustering probes
S29SWG GC: Galaxy clustering SWG + Higher-order statistics
S30SWG CosSim: Neutrinos and general relativity effects with Euclid
S31SWG CosSim: Flagship mock status, plans and implementation
S32EC: Key projects
S33Project Portal drop-in session

Splinter Abstracts

S01 OU/SDC: Organization meeting 18

  • Abstract: TK2 preparation - Status of the entire SGS.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Andrea Zacchei (andrea.zacchei (a) inaf.it)

S02 OU/SDC: Common Tools Status

  • Abstract: Current status of EC SGS common tools, perspectives and users feedbacks gathering.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Maurice Poncet (Maurice.Poncet (a) cnes.fr)

S03 OU/SDC: IOT organization meeting

  • Abstract: Identify how to proceed with instrument operations and monitoring during instrument integration/assembly and integrated system tests, and how to reuse those procedures and monitoring tools and checks into commissioning, PV phase and routine operations.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: A. Gregorio (Anna.Gregorio (a) ts.infn.it), G. Buenadicha (Guillermo.Buenadicha (a) esa.int)

S04 SDC: LE1 development coordination

  • Abstract: Consolidate VIS, NISP and SOC status of LE1 development, consolidate the LE1 data model, and identify the integration and testing roadmap towards a TK2 demonstration of the processor.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: G. Buenadicha (Guillermo.Buenadicha (a) esa.int)

S05 OU/SDC: SC456 STATUS meeting

  • Abstract: Global discussion about SC456 : Global communication, infra components feedbacks, SDCs feedbacks, PFs feedbacks.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Jèrèmie Ansart (Jeremie.Ansart (a) cnes.fr), Antoine Basset (antoine.basset (a) cnes.fr)

S06 OU-LE3: Second Order Statistics and Beyond

  • Abstract: This joint OU-SWG splinter will be contains talks relative to the state of art in terms of second and third order statistics, and progress reports will be given on the associated LE3 processing functions.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Enzo Branchini (branchin (a) fis.uniroma3.it), Lee Whittaker (lee.whittaker (a) manchester.ac.uk)

S07 OU-LE3: LE3 mask (spectroscopic and photometric) and covariance

  • Abstract: Discuss the status of mask, and progress made on covariance matrices.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Benjamin Joachimi (b.joachimi (a) ucl.ac.uk), Herve Aussel (herve.aussel (a) cea.fr), F. Beutler (florian.beutler (a) port.ac.uk)

S08 OU-LE3: Clusters and high order statistics from Weak Lensing mass maps

  • Abstract: Discuss the status of the Clusters and WL mass mapping PFs, as well as new algorithms of interest.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Sophie Maurogodarto (Sophie.Maurogordato (a) oca.eu), Jean-Luc Starck (jstarck (a) cea.fr)

S09 OU-EXT: External Survey Status

  • Abstract: We wish to coordinate this discussion with the COG and to have not only updates from the individual survey status but also a presentation of the Stage 1 software plans/status in each of the surveys: KiDS, DES, LSST, JEDIS-g, PS2 and CFIS.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Gijs Verdoes Kleijn (g.verdoes (a) astro.rug.nl)

S10 OU-EXT: Stage 2 photometric validation and astrometric recalibration and update on partnership with Gaia

  • Abstract: Stage 2 EXT processing foresees validation of the Stage 1 datasets to ensure they conform to the proper data model and exhibit sufficient accuracy in the photometry to meet the Euclid requirements. We will discuss our plans to calibrate using Gaia RP/BP and G data products. We will discuss the validation tests.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Joe Mohr (Joseph.Mohr (a) Physik.LMU.DE)

S11 OU-MER: Tiling for the Euclid surveys

  • Abstract: All products from OU-MER (images and catalogues) will be produced for tiles, which are overlapping, rectangular areas on the sky covering the survey areas. The objective of the splinter is to present the current tiling implementation and to gather inputs from the various stake holders on how to optimally create the tiling for the various Euclid surveys (wide, deep, self-cal, photo-z-cal).
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Martin Kuemmel (mkuemmel (a) usm.lmu.de)

S12 OU-MER: Towards an all-encompassing Euclid catalog

  • Abstract: Euclid will survey a large fraction of the sky, observing sources exploitable for core science together with a large number of legacy science sources of all kinds. OU-MER is striving to define techniques capable of delivering a catalog which will enable EC members and external users to perform all kinds of scientific investigations. The goal of the splinter is to present the current status of the MER pipeline for what concerns the relevant tasks (detection, deblending, photometry, morphological analysis etc), and to discuss the variety of objects that will end up in the Euclid catalog, including "peculiar" cases, to receive feedback on how to adequately tune the algorithms. Examples of objects possibly requiring particular care or specific techniques for their inclusion in the catalog are: local galaxies, resolved stellar populations, solar system objects and moving targets, galaxy clusters and high-density regions, transients, galaxy-galaxy and galaxy-cluster strong lensing etc
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Emiliano Merlin (emiliano.merlin (a) inaf.it), Marco Castellano (marco.castellano (a) inaf.it), Marc Huertas-Company (marc.huertas (a) obspm.fr)

S13 OU-SHE: Weak Lensing Sample Selection and Calibration

  • Abstract: A joint SWG-SGS meeting to discuss details of the Euclid WL Sample Selection, and how this will relate to shear calibration
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Andy Taylor (ant (a) roe.ac.uk)

S14 OU/SDC SC456 Simulation: Validation & Feedback

  • Abstract: Review of current SC456 simulations. Validation results from SIM and from the OUs. ELViS simulations and validation, OU VIS simulation feedback, Imagem simulations and validation, OU NIR simulation feedback, TIPS simulations and validation, OU SIR feedback, EXT SIM simulation and validation, OU EXT feedback, OU MER feedback, OU PHZ feedback, OU SPE feedback
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Patrick Hudelot (hudelot (a) iap.fr), Santiago Serrano (serrano (a) ice.csic.es)

S15 OU-MER: Galaxy structure and Morphological Measurements on Euclid Data

  • Abstract: Accurate structural and morphological measurements for millions of galaxies is a key legacy product of EUCLID, including the measurement of low-surface brightness galaxies and diffuse light. The morphology WP together with OU-MER has been working in the last years to implement several standard morphological parameters in the EUCLID pipeline. The splinter would be first dedicated to present to the Consortium the current status of morphology in EUCLID as well as to discuss / update the requirements in terms of measurements to achieve the scientific goals. Part of the splinter will be in particular dedicated to the study of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies with EUCLID. There is a growing interest within the consortium to enable LSB science with EUCLID to address new scientific questions. We will analyze scientific objectives and technical requirements.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Marc Huertas-Company (marc.huertas (a) obspm.fr), Christopher J. Conselice (conselice (a) nottingham.ac.uk), Pierre Alain Duc (pierre-alain.duc (a) astro.unistra.fr)

S16 OU-NIR: OU-NIR planning for SC7

  • Abstract: We aim at revisiting and consolidating our development plan for the next Scientific Challenge: improvements of current pipelines, new PEs to be added, inputs needed, and task sharing.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Gianluca Polenta (gianluca.polenta (a) asi.it)

S17 SWG Weak Lensing: WL Full Pipeline Flow

  • Abstract: We will have summaries of the main pipeline elements in the WL pipeline from VIS, MER, PHZ, SHE, LE3, ISTs to 1) bring people up to speed, 2) identify problems and prioritise.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Kitching, Hoekstra, Kilbinger

S18 IST Likelihood: IST:L

  • Abstract: A discussion on the setting up of IST:Likelihood, scoping out initial directions for prioritisation.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Pettorino, Sanchez, Cardone

S19 SWG Theory: TWG splinter

  • Abstract: TWG projects, forecasts for extended cases
  • Agenda
  • Contact: L. Amendola, M. Kunz, M. Viel

S20 SGS Archive: Euclid Archive Users Group meeting

  • Abstract: Euclid archive services: status and plans for future functionalities will be presented
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Bruno Altieri

S21 SWG Clusters: Clusters of Galaxies SWG

  • Abstract: Discussion of Progress of Workpackages, e.g. selection function, likelihoods, mass-observable relation, cluster masses, mock catalogues. Discussion of Key Projects
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Jim Bartlett, Lauro Moscardini, Jochen Weller

S23 SWG Solar System: SWG Solar System - Progress meeting

  • Abstract: Review progress on development of VIS + NISP + True Sky simulations. Define baseline for realistic simulations delivery (SSO SWG and data challenges). Review SSOs detection algorithms.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Benoît Carry, Bruno Altieri

S24 SWG Galaxies & AGN: Galaxy & AGN Science Working Group meeting

  • Abstract: Discussion of the science projects definition for the SWG, including short presentations.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Jarle Brinchmann

S25 SWG Primeval Universe: Data Challenge for the Primeval Universe Working Group

  • Abstract: Discuss of the organisation of the Data Challenge for the PUWG. Updates from Primeval Universe WG's. Contributed talks.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Jean-Gabriel Cuby, Sune Toft

S26 SWG Strong Lensing: Strong Lensing organisation - activities

  • Abstract:
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Raphael Gavazzi (gavazzi (a) iap.fr)

S27 SWG CMBXC: Splinter Meeting

  • Abstract: Objectives: Review WP status, link CMBXC Estimators and Likelihood to CMB-N-body sims, implementation of EPDD CMBXC projects.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Nabila Aghanim, Carlo Baccigalupi

S28a (first half) SWG Galaxy Clustering: Photo-z WP

  • Abstract: This will be the first face-to-face meeting of the new Photo-z WP, where we aim to review the first few ongoing tasks and plan next actions and collaborations with other WPs.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Stefano Camera (stefano.camera (a) unito.it), Isaac Tutusaus Lleixa (isaactutusaus (a) gmail.com)

S28b (second half) SWG Galaxy Clustering: Additional Galaxy Clustering Probes

  • Abstract: Review of progress since Bonn. Define future objectives.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Adam Hawken (hawken (a) cppm.in2p3.fr), Alkistis Pourtsidou (a.pourtsidou (a) qmul.ac.uk)

S29a (first half) SWG Galaxy Clustering: GC-SWG

  • Abstract: We'll review working group activity.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Luigi Guzzo (luigi.guzzo (a) brera.inaf.it), Yun Wang (wang (a) ipac.caltech.edu), Will Percival (will.percival (a) uwaterloo.ca)

S29b (second half) SWG Galaxy Clustering: Higher-order statistics

  • Abstract: Update on recent activities and results of the WP
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Cristiano Porciani, Emiliano Sefusatti

S30 SWG Cosmological Simulations: Neutrinos and general relativity effects with Euclid

  • Abstract: This splinter will present and discuss recent advances in modelling general relativistic effects and neutrinos physics in large scale cosmological simulations. We will discuss the present and future modelling effort in term of numerical, analytical and emulation methods. In addition, we will discuss the effect of baryonic physics in possibly competing with these effects and make their detection difficult. Finally, we will discuss current forecast for detecting or measuring.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Julian Adamek, Pablo Fosalba, Steen Hannestad, Romain Teyssier, Jaiyul Yoo

S31 SWG Cosmological Simulations: Flagship mock: status, plans and implementation

  • Abstract: We review the status of the current Flagship mock 1.X and plans for versions 2.0 for the Wide and Deep Surveys. We shall also discuss implementation options for improving different galaxy properties that affect the science preparation of the various Euclid probes with feedback from SWGs and SGS.
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Pablo Fosalba, Romain Teyssier, Joachim Stadel, Francisco Castander

S32 EC: Key projects

  • Abstract:
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Yannick Mellier

S33 Project Portal drop-in session

  • Abstract:
  • Agenda
  • Contact: Will Percival (will.percival (a) uwaterloo.ca)