Welcome to Helsinki!

The annual meeting of Euclid Collaboration was held in Helsinki, Finland, June 4-7, 2019.

Thank you for your participation and see you next year (May 4-8, 2020) in Sitges!

Plenary talks

The slides for the plenary talks are online on the consortium website.

Conference photo

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Photo: Atte Mäläskä / Tailorframe Oy


See the program page for details about the scientific program.

Social Events

See the events page for details about the social events.

Meetings on Monday

There will be additional meetings: Garage Day (full day), System team (SC456/Infra) meeting (full day), and Early Career Workshop (starts at 3 pm), on Monday, June 3, at a different location (the University of Helsinki Kumpula Campus) about 5 km north from the conference venue.

The campus can be reached with number of busses (52, 55, 56, 70, 71, 73, 74, 75, 77, 78, 506, 717, 718, 722, 724, 731, 738, 739, 765, 785-788) and trams (6, 6T and 8). Please, note that most but not all busses whose number begins with 7 are ok for traveling to the Kumpula campus. Also note that a letter after the bus number indicates a different line e.g. bus 70V goes elsewhere. The HSL Journey Planner is a handy tool for planning your route. Further information about travelling to and in Helsinki can be found from the Accomodation & Travel page.

Scientific organising committee (SOC):

Yannick Mellier (chair), Francis Bernardeau, Ralf Bender, Ray Carlberg, Francisco Castander, Andrea Cimatti, Mark Cropper, António da Silva, Sven De Rijcke, Allan Hornstrup, Hannu Kurki-Suonio, Olivier Le Fèvre, Per Lilje, Bob Nichol, Lucia Popa, Rafael Rebolo Lopez, Jason Rhodes, Hans-Walter Rix, Huub Röttgering, Roberto Scaramella, Romain Teyssier, Werner Zeilinger

Local organising committee (LOC):

Hannu Kurki-Suonio (chair), Viola Allevato, Pia Banerjee-Rikkonen, Ghassem Gozaliasl, Taina Harden, Peter Johansson, Kimmo Kainulainen, Elina Keihänen, Clif Kirkpatrick, Maarit Käpylä, Valtteri Lindholm, Kari Nilsson, Karoliina Sunell, Anna-Stiina Suur-Uski, Jussi Väliviita

For any questions or comments, contact the LOC via email.

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